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The ATM Page is intended as a resource for both beginning and advanced Amateur Telescope Making. ATMs are at once, optical engineers, machinists, woodworkers, electrical engineers, programmers, gamers, stay at home moms, and a few other more obscure callings. There is really no way to capture the full depth and breadth of the hobby in just one place. What I strive to collect here is unique tricks, hints, other people's scopes and ideas, etc.

Telescope Design

The telescopes amateur telescope makers build range from backyard variety to sophisticated instruments that make meaningful contributions to the field of astronomy. Instruments built by amateurs have been employed in planetary study, astrometry, photometry, comet and asteroid discovery to name just a few. Even the “hobbyist” end of the field can break down into several distinct categories such as: observing deep sky objects, observing the planets, solar observing, lunar observation, and astrophotography of all those class of objects. Therefore the design, size, and construction of the telescopes vary as well. Some amateur telescope makers build instruments that, while looking crude, are wholly suited to the purpose they are designed for. Others may strive for a more aesthetic look with high levels of mechanical “finish”. Since some amateur telescope makers do not have access to high-precision machining equipment, many elegant designs such as the Poncet Platform, Crayford focuser, and the Dobsonian telescope have evolved like a new Hobby Telescopes, which achieve functionality and stability without requiring precision machining.
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